Profitable and Useless Keywords
How To Know The Difference Of Profitable and Useless Keywords


A keyword list can very easily grow to an unworkable list before you know it and  you are just left with a long list of nothing but words, wondering which ones will provide the biggest return and whether or not you should use them in any online marketing campaign.

First, you have to think of all of the words and phrases that are relevant to your products or services. Start evaluating the keywords and phrases on your list against the motivation of your reader. You should begin by using keywords with qualifiers in them. For example, instead of using the keyword phrase, “Internet marketing guide,” you might get a more targeted buyer if you add certain words , such as “buy Internet marketing guide,” or “best Internet marketing guide.”

Typically, long-tail keywords with modifiers added to the mix will help you rank higher and make more money with the content than if you try to dominate early on using broad keywords that don’t tell you much about why your visitor is using the phrase.

Keywords are vital to your online success. Your goal is to rank organically  in any Google searches so you will need to implement certain search engine optimisation strategies and the choice of these keywords ,long or broad ,will play an important role in the result of those searches.

When you conduct keyword research you will know the difference of profitable and useless keywords and you will also be learning how your prospective customer is utilising the search engines to find the information or product that they are looking for. You then attempt to take the words and phrases that are most commonly used and use them on your website, to try to ensure its relevant for your targeted customer base.

Experts disagree about what the density to use in regards to keyword use. Some say 2% and others go as high as 8%. Personally im more on the conservative side and go closer to 4% but what you really need to do is to write for your human visitors in a normal and informative way . That means enough keywords so that the search query can see your content is relevant and not to many times so that it turns off your reader because it reads unnaturally .

So now you know the difference of profitable and useless keywords learn more 


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