Web 3 Web Development

How Will Web 3 Web Development Work ?

Web 3.0 Web Development and How It Will Affect The Internet  in 2023 ?


We are  now at the start of the Web 3 web development era, the time in which value and data will easily move across decentralised platforms with full distributed ownership and control. So , should you delve into the world of Web 3 Web Development ?


Web 3.0,  operates on a decentralised platform and relies on a number of other technologies such as ai, machine learning, semantic web and the blockchain, By using all of these tools to  deliver greater transparency and a faster, more personalized and less censored user experience online. Web 3.0 was originally known as the Semantic Web by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the internet .

There is no central authority overseeing the development of the new internet ,but instead Web 3 is a peer-to-peer internet with no one authority controlling what is and isnt seen online. You are the owner of all your  content that you share online and with full control over that content. Having decentralisation at its core. Although this sounds liberating there will be downsides to the fact that taking down anything at all will be virtually impossible .

Web 3.0 will integrate both decentralised apps or dApps and also decentralised finance or Defi. dApps are digital apps or programs that can run on a blockchain or a peer-to-peer network. and a Defi is a financial technology based on distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. This new system takes away the control that previously banks and institutions have had  on money, financial products and  services.

Web 3.0 applications and websites will rely heavily on the blockchain and blockchain entities like NFTs and cryptocurrencies .

So if your thinking of going into the world of web 3.0 web development nows would be a great time to do so ,theres not much competition ,theres certainly no rush and theres plenty of job opportunities out there ,theres also lots of high quality help and free information out there.  Although its more likely web 3 ,or the internet of the blockchains wouldnt entirely replace the internet as we know it, but it will ,instead, more probably act as a higher layer of the internet ,alongside web 2.0 that could then  enable web 3,0 users to transfer their valuable assets without the need to rely on a centralised organisation or platform.




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