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Write A Roundup Article And Boost Your Traffic

What Is A Roundup Article ?


A roundup article is a type of article that shows a collection of different items, ideas, or information based on a particular topic. They can be really helpful to people that want to learn about something  but dont have the time or the inclination to scour their way through multiple resources full of information but they may likely fully intend to look into the subject a little better at a later date. By compiling a good amount of information all in one place , or by creating a roundup article as a reference point provides readers with a resource that can be easily come back to as and when .

Write A Roundup Article And Boost Your Websites Traffic

There are two types of roundup you can  entertain your readers with:

  • From the archives – pick your best blog posts from the archives featuring a selection of similar or related items and compile a post linking back to each post mentioned in the round up article
  • Expert roundups – bring readers authoritative content with interviews or links to resources  that feature quotes from industry experts about a specific topic.

What makes a good roundup article ?

  • Keep blog traffic and subscribers coming back
  • Continually feeds loyal users with content
  • Gets noticed by mentioned sources in the roundup
  • Builds your connections and creates  a community

You ideally want your roundup article to be  made up of some type of valuable content, so as to encourage your readers to return ,time and time again .You need to create an attention grabbing headline ,ideally ,and try to make it as irresistible as possible. Think about what your readers were really searching for when they found your website in the first instance and take it from there .

Whether it’s a blog post that you write ,or a newsletter that you write ,a roundup article will be a highly effective way  to boost your websites traffic, it’s a good idea to schedule your roundup article content on the month or week you know you will be at your busiest, since this type of content is less time consuming than a guide or a tutorial. Unlike brand new content, roundup articles shouldnt really require you to spend too much of your precious time compiling but could still very easily result in a  high increase in visitors to your site .

Check the blog for more ways to improve your website appeal and encourage return visitors .


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